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The TaskForce Website Samara believes the following implementation approach is most effective:

In the first roll-out the objective is ‘fast visibility to the owners’ with existing information.
The second roll-out the objective is ‘to support the Samara organization to be more effective’. This roll-out will be more complex due to workflow issues and training of key users.
The third roll-out will address the ‘nice to haves’. This phase asks for new content, content owner(s) and so on. In this stage owner's participation is most crucial.

The TaskForce Website Samara wants to address in headlines the following functionality:

General information about the resort, public available

In the first roll-out:
- Location, how to get there
- Facilities overview, opening hours
- Rules and Regulations
- Image Gallery
- Resort Map
- Important phone numbers

In the third roll-out:
- Things to do in the area
- Day Trip suggestions
- Festivals and events
- Shopping centers
- Shared transport

For residents

In the first roll-out:
- Up to date meeting calendar, agenda and meeting minutes
- Payment schedule
- Notices, Announcements, Newsletters
- Suggestion Box

In the second roll-out:
- Reporting maintenance issues
- Incident reporting

In the third roll-out:
- Marketplace
- Reservation of facilities like massages etc
- Visitor Parking
- Surveys/Polls

For board members

In the second roll-out:
- Approvals of maintenance issues/priorities
- Following maintenance progress/priorities
- Approvals of proposals
- Following execution of proposals
- Resident Registry

Some remarks

Remark Suggestion Box: The suggestion box can be used by residents to suggest improvements and to request new functionality and/or priorities for the website.

Remark Reporting maintenance issues and Incident reporting: Via workflow, the responsible people gets email for further actions, follow-up.

Remark Marketplace: The marketplace is primarily meant for the owners. It also can be used to promote (business) services of owners or third parties like restaurants.
For this second purpose it is fair to charge people a fee for promoting the business. These incomes can be used for maintenance, maintenance fees.


First of all: The desired functionality has to be addressed in the standard package.
Secondly we will look the way the functionality is offered, solved and the user friendliness.
Finally the costs will be compared in combination with continuity, security, maintenance and ‘state of the art’.


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